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The beauty of our network services is the flexibility and ability to mold our services to your needs.

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Custom Reports

  • Individual credit union reports
    • Each of your credit unions will have access to easy-to-read monthly transaction reports for their own credit union, which they can view in single month or year-to-date format.
    • Included reports:
      • Issuer transactions by acquiring credit union
      • Issuer transactions by acquiring branch
      • Acquirer transactions
      • Acquirer transactions by branch
      • Summary of transactions done within and outside of your state network
      • Summary of transactions by type
  • State reports
    • You will have access to each of your client credit unions’ individual reports
    • You will also be able to view each report with combines state totals


Shared Branch Training

  • Online SBTs
    • Short, professional videos suitable for new employee and refresher training
    • Topics include credit union basics, teller transactions, reports, and compliance issues impacting shared branch transactions
    • Certificates available for each course
    • Credit union administration is available but not necessary for a successful program
  • New Rule Webinars
    • Live and recorded webinars made available to your credit union for major rule updates
  • Customized Webinars
    • Personalized for the credit union – including their internal policies and procedures
    • Perfect for new employees or for refreshing current employees
    • Front or back-office topics available
  • In-Person Training
    • Available for network or individual credit union at their site
    • Multiple topics available


New Credit Union Implementation Support

  • Assistance with CO-OP paperwork
  • Coordination with CO-OP team
  • Discussions with credit union about shared branching options
  • Delivery and discussion of shared branching rules
  • Staff training
  • Live date and first-month-end follow-up
  • 30, 60 or 90-day after-live support options


Marketing Support

  • Bi-annual marketing campaigns for your credit unions
    • Include logo ready pieces suitable for websites, emails, lobby posters, etc
    • Custom marketing


Secondary or Temporary Credit Union Direct Support

  • Temporary support for your credit unions when key person is not available (vacations, conferences, etc.)
    • Phone and email coverage
    • Project coverage
  • Secondary support during busy times – such as after rule changes
    • Phone and email coverage for basic inquiries
    • Direct to credit union communication available

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