Shared Branch Training for Credit Union State Networks

Our on-demand courses, up-to-date materials, and reporting options offer the edge in shared branch training. Designed for SNPs looking to serve and empower credit unions in their state network.

Why not Co-op?

While Co-op offers basic training resources to SNPs and credit unions on the network, InNetwork, a leading Co-op partner, provides a superior solution (Shared Branch Training). We’ve crafted a specialized set of online training materials and videos for Shared Branching, utilizing the latest technology and focusing on vital topics for success. Our training is available to any credit union network interested in elevating their offerings. Discover why more than half of credit union state networks use Shared Branch Training.

A member service representative sits in front of a laptop. The words Easy reporting for credit unions is on a banner behind her. A simple graphic breakdown shows not started, in progress and completed course statistics.
Shared Branch Training Course Preview includes: Grievances, Adjustments, Shared Branching Reports, Deposits/Funds Availability, What is Shared Branching, Identify the member, Other Transactions and Regulatory Compliance.

Your alternative to Co-op Training.

  • On-demand courses for front-office and back-office staff
  • Up-to-date courses reflecting latest Co-op ORR
  • SNP reporting based on credit union and course
  • Credit unions can pull their own reports
  • Option to incorporate rules unique to your network
  • Unlimited # of users

Courses Included: What is Shared Branching | Identify the Member | Deposits/Funds Availability | Grievances | Adjustments | Regulatory Compliance | Shared Branching Reports | Other Transactions

More Than Half of Credit Union State Networks use Shared Branch Training.

What Users of Shared Branch Training are Saying: 

“We provide our credit unions in Tennessee and Kentucky with the on-demand Shared Branch Training program at no cost to them. This is a great program for credit unions to use for new staff coming on board, periodic refresher courses and for staff that has contact with members to help them explain how shared branching works and what they need to access their account at an outlet or service center location. I love that an individual can access the program and complete training at their own pace and schedule.

This is a great tool to add to your shared branch program for your credit unions. It will help improve your program and make it more efficient. It is also a good selling point for potential credit unions adding shared branching to the services they provide for their credit union members.

The Shared Branch training program is an affordable, great tool to add to your shared branch services arsenal that your credit unions will appreciate!”

-Tennessee & Kentucky League 

“InNetwork’s shared branching training courses offer credit unions a convenient and high-quality option to train front-office and back-office staff. As a CO-OP shared branching partner, credit unions can rest assured InNetwork’s courses are always up-to-date with the latest CO-OP operating rules & procedures. The on-demand training courses can help streamline new staff member onboarding and keep existing staff members up-to-date.”

-Mississippi League 

States that use Shared Branch Training AZ, CO, IA, ID, NE, NM, WY, AL, GA, CT, LA, MS, PA, NJ, DE, TN, KY, TX, AR, MO, KS, VT, MN
Shared Branch Training Users: Cornerstone, Shared Cooperative Services, PaCUSC, Louisiana League, Tennessee League, Kentucky League, Cross State Association, Mississippi Association, Minnesota Network, Association of Vermont

How State Networks Benefited from Shared Branch Training

Enhanced Member Relations

Improved Transaction Efficiency

New Revenue Stream Created

Embracing shared branch training is not only a strategic move to enhance the proficiency and efficiency within credit unions, but it’s also a pathway to generate additional revenue for your network. By offering comprehensive and up-to-date training materials, network partners empower credit unions with the skills and knowledge needed to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and elevate customer service.

Consequently, this enhances the overall appeal and competitiveness of the network, attracting more credit unions to join. As more credit unions utilize the shared branch training, the network partner benefits from increased subscription fees, upselling opportunities, and strengthened relationships with credit unions. Ultimately, investing in quality shared branch training translates to a smarter, more agile network, thereby yielding tangible financial gains and solidifying your network’s position in the market.

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We are stronger together, sharing resources and profits.

InNetwork has been around since ’92 and were one of the original shared branching regional CUSOs, so we know our stuff. We pride ourselves on delivering contemporary content through cutting-edge training technology. With regular updates and ongoing development of new modules, we tailor our training offerings to suit your needs. Consider implementing Shared Branch Training for your credit union clients.

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