2020 Shared Branching and State League Satisfaction Results

February 3, 2021

2020 client satisfaction

We are pleased to share our 2020 client satisfaction results and would like to thank everyone who took time out of their day to provide us with feedback – especially in this time of extreme change and difficulty.

We can’t say it enough: InNetwork exists solely to help credit unions and companies which also help credit unions. And that being the case, we rely heavily on client feedback to gauge how well we are meeting our purpose, our reason for being.

The survey was sent to our two client groups – credit unions that participate in shared branching through InNetwork and State Network partners made up of Leagues and CUSOs that use one or more of our services to support their own shared branching clients.

First, let’s look at responses from our credit unions.

We were excited to receive an overall satisfaction rating of 95% from our credit unions. This is our highest score ever, up from 91% last year.

However, it is obvious that we still have room to improve. We are fortunate that many of our respondents offered useful criticism.

  • We need to ensure that our credit unions are aware that we offer several training options for shared branching frontline and support staff, including free on-demand training modules.
  • Credit unions would like easier access to items such as the Operating Rules and Regulations (ORRs) and our due diligence documents. These documents and many more will be available through our portal in the near future.
  • Credit unions want more communication from us when credit unions join or leave the network, when CO-OP experiences issues with connectivity or reports, etc. We are working internally to improve our notification processes to get information to our credit union contacts quicker.

Credit Union Net Promoter Score

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was about the same at 78 – we are honored and humbled to receive such a high score. This is over DOUBLE the industry standard for net promoter scores (which falls on a scale between -100 and 100).

Some of our clients voiced their opinions on the shared branching product itself and how it affected their satisfaction. While we do not have direct control of the shared branching product, we do participate in CO-OP’s Client Advisory Council and are vocal with suggestions. We work with our state network partners to advocate for participating credit unions. And we have our own Advisory Council that keeps us in touch with credit unions’ changing needs.

State Network Partner Responses

The overall satisfaction rating from our state network partners was 96%.

In 2021 we will continue our mission: To connect shared branch networks to optimize efficiencies and shared branch support.

Thanks again to all those who participated in our client surveys this year. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please reach out to us any time of the year. We are stronger when we work together.